Friday, May 11, 2018

Being Of Service

How do you know that you are "being of service?"  You will feel better after the action.  I know people, myself included at times, who say they are being of service, or "helping" but they are grinding their teeth and carrying on this monologue about how others don't care, or appreciate them, or are just lazy and thoughtless.  If you find yourself "doing Good," however you define it, but are being judgmental, and resentful, then you might need Al-Anon as a better way to spend your time.  True service makes you feel better about yourself.  You have no control over how people will respond to your helpfulness.  Often you will be ignored.  The act will not even be noticed.  But when I am balanced, on my spiritual path, I don't really care.  I do the act for my own benefit.  Cleaning up around the house or where you work or meet would be a good example.  Be helpful.  Be anonymous. Love yourself.  You are worth it.

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