Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Being Less Wrong

Some ways of speaking  about things of science are less wrong than others.  Scientists are humble.  They are always discovering more that tells them they only have partial truth or partial answers.  You discover the atom and think you know all about it only to discover later that there is more there or things don't quite work as you first discovered.  I wish that people of religion were as humble about their God talk.  So many of them claim to have all the truth about their God though one truth seems to counter another.  Their answer?  All claims to truth are false except their own.  Scientists disagree, or admit to theory.  Religion fights wars.  So I try to be a little more humble when doing my God talk.  Some ways of speaking about God are less wrong than others, and we are always finding out new things about God from no less than scientific discoveries in our universe and Creation.  I am comfortable now knowing little.  It keeps me open to wonder and surprise.  

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  1. Learning being humble getting rid of ignorance is the first battle the mind need to realign so that we can move forward in life leading to less conflict in life