Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Dough

When I am making bread I add a bunch of stuff, in proportion, to make the dough.  I mix it all altogether, and then I have to wait.  Yeast is live and doing stuff.  I cannot force the dough to rise and come together by my own will.  It takes its own time.  So it is with spiritual food that will nourish me.  I cannot force a process.  I will not suddenly become my best self because I say “It’s Time!”  I have to mix some things together in proportion and then wait.  I mix prayerful meditation, devotion, worship, good works in service to others, examination of my faults, some physical exercise and diet, and then wait for it all to come together.  Somedays I say, “This is not working.”  What I mean is that I am not getting my own way or feeling my comfort zone.  But growth is to move me beyond my plans and my comfort zone, to become a better me who can nourish others after I spiritually bake awhile.  Some of my blogs are more nourishing than others.  Some not so much or disaster, but I don’t stop baking bread because of a failure, so I don’t let mishaps stop me.  


  1. I bet you make a lot of dough don't you?

  2. Nice analogy of spirituality to the bread-making process.