Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Assisted Living

I think of my Paulist rectory in San Francisco as a home for assisted living.  This view seems realistic to me, as some of the guys here are not much for cleaning up or taking care of common space, and do not seem to be able to contribute to the general welfare of our house.  This is the way of any assisted living facility.  If I have expectations that everyone will contribute equally, I will just be upset and disappointed on a daily basis.  I will get resentful.  Compassion is what I try to practice and the to be helpful myself in cleaning up common space, shopping, keeping a grocery list, and so on.  There are reasons why some guys cannot seem to be more useful in these areas, and it is not for me to judge.  We are all wounded in one way of another.  I actually feel better myself when I "get things done," around the house.  Chores for myself and the common good have always been a "pick me up" for me.  Apparently, this is not so for some people.  Living in community can be a growth experience, but requires mounds of Grace.


  1. Good for you! I'm sure that some of the less capable members did their fair share (or more) when they were younger and/or healthier.

  2. Thanks for sharing your human day to day reflections. Announce your blog in parish bulletin.

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