Sunday, September 25, 2016


If you do something that has no "done" to it, you might be addicted.  Workaholics have no "done" in their work.  They are never finished.  Two guys are in a bar having a couple of beers.  One says, "I am done," and leaves to go home.  The other fellow keeps drinking.  He has no "done" in his drinking.  He may well be an alcoholic.  When I go to run or gym exercise, I decide how long I will run or exercise.  If I run too much or too fast or too long a distance, I will get injured.  I might then qualify as a runaholic!  Such people exist in the running communities.  Some people are never done making enough money.  There is never enough.  "More" replaces "done."  I try to live in moderation where I can.  Otherwise, if not moderation, then abstinence.  I have learned my limits, sometimes painfully.

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