Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bad Math

I find that there are few people who can teach math well.  A teacher is supposed to help the student to understand.  Math teachers understand their subject, but they seem to assume that the student likes and understands math.  All the teacher needs to do for these math aptitude students is give them new info, formulas and equations and the student picks it up.  But if you are like me, a guy who had to take math as a requirement in high school or in grad school statistics, I have no aptitude, but the teacher does not seem to know how to make the light go on for me.  The math teacher is not helping me to understand or appreciate the subject.  I thought of joining a math club once but I think I would have slowed everyone down, or frustrated the teacher.  I must remember all this whenever I am trying to talk of things spiritual, such as God and prayer.  Just because something comes easily to you, don't assume you are the norm for that subject.  Patience and compassion would help if you want to teach what you love.

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  1. The last course I took in grad school was statistics because I didn't want to jepordize my grade index. Turns out it could have been helpful with my research. Got a good grade because by the time I took it small calculators were available. Don't think it is a curable problem----technology has saved the day for many