Friday, September 23, 2016


I don't embrace change.  Wherever I live, I live with other people.  Since I am away from my "residences" for some periods of time, whenever I show up, there has been change in how the house functions, given who is living there.  My initial solution is to become a hermit, a whining, complaining, resentful hermit.  I don't embrace change.  I have problems with a God who might want to be teaching me something, helping me to grow, through the changes I encounter.  So I start out with resentment and judgment.  Unhappiness, and irritability follow.  My tongue wags with complaint.  Since the change looks rather permanent, and I having no power to turn it into my favor, I tend to fall back onto acceptance and surrender.  Ironically, this seems to take me out of my misery, and to make others around me happier.  I don't like surrender.  I prefer power.  Perhaps there is power in surrender and acceptance?  I have heard this is so.

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