Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Power

I was sitting in a group that was talking about being active in a spiritual practice, and not just talking about it.  What can we do on a daily basis to keep growing in the spiritual life.? This one fellow piped up for was having difficulties, of which I was well aware from my own humble beginnings.  I meant to talk with him after the session ended, but being self-absorbed, I forgot.  God did not forget.  As I was walking out the door to the parking lot, this fellow was walking right in front of me and lingered outside the front door.  What a coincidence, right?  So I stopped and told him, from my experience what he might do to have a plan.  He loved it.  He said he had no plan and my advice was a good plan he would follow.  I gave him my name and went home.  God's grace is greater than my self-absorption.  That is why I tend to call God a power greater than myself.

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