Thursday, September 22, 2016


Someone said that she at times "shoulds" herself.  I can relate.  Sometimes I too say that I "should" do this or that.  Should is the word that tells me I am in a bad space or on the way to one.  With the should word comes the feeling and self-judgment that I am lazy, inefficient, talentless, and an overall bad person.  I end up with guilt and shame.  Now that surely makes for a bad day.  The vice is really false pride.  I think that I should be better, and even be SUPER person.  I fail to be me, someone with a limited amount of power, who will need to find more power if I am to do any of the things I think I should be doing, such as saving the world.  I find that doing nothing for the moment, and getting a second or third opinion is a much better way to go.  Prayer gives me a second opinion.  If God gives me no more power than I guess my "should" is bogus.  I get a third opinion by checking in with someone who is on the spiritual path.  For me, to negotiate my "should" notions alone is a disaster.

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