Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Love The World

What good is it to say, "I love the whole world," if you cannot love the person with whom you live, or your neighbor, or coworker.  It is easy to love the world, to be kind to someone you will never see again.  These people do not irritate you, or otherwise you would ignore that part of the "world."   The people you see more regularly, they are the ones who are harder to love.  This is why Jesus said, "Love your neighbor," instead of "love the world."  The wise teacher knows that loving someone closer to us, is what will change us, if not them.  Love is to make us the best we can be, not to change the other person.  Many of us want the opposite.  The other person should change, not me.  Some of us attempt love so as to get our plans and agenda accomplished.  It is conditional love, based upon change, not me, but you.  Well, off to another day of trying to love the wretched people in my life.  Oops!  I had better read this blog again.  Physician, heal thyself!

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