Friday, September 2, 2016

Feed Them

This past Sunday our parish in San Francisco, Old St. Mary's, had our annual picnic in our auditorium.  It used to be outside in the courtyard, but we all got old, and nuclear winter is in the August air.  The place was filled with people I don't usually see.  Some I see, and many I do not.  Some were low income, and some were not.  Why so many happy people?  Food.  The poor come because it is free.  The less poor, because they are frugal.  I have found that when my church gives people what they want, they will come.  When we try to give them what we think they "need" or should want, they do not come.  I teach about prayer of meditation and the mystics.  Few people come to these talks at my church here in San Francisco.  Now that is food for thought for me.  I offer what few people want.  Is this what God wants me to do?  Is it an ego trip on my part?  I ponder.  Then again, I could go Salvation Army way: free food if you listen first to a talk.

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  1. We get great food & fellowship at the monastery, but I come to hear you speak...
    We want it...