Saturday, September 10, 2016

No Feeling

It is easy for me to love when I feel good or "feel spiritual" as I like to say in my more pious moments.  I am getting my way.  People are not bothersome or stunting my plans.  It is much more difficult to love when I do not feel love, when things are not going my way, when people are difficult.  I tend to be judgmental.  Things outside myself are the problem.  Sages do not say we should love when we feel like it.  To try to be loving when I don't feel the love has the possibility of changing me.  What it will do for the other person is something I cannot control.  I try to pray each day that I might stay out of my own way, and God's way for that matter.  God might want to love someone through me.  God is so inefficient, choosing me.  God is ever hopeful though.

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  1. I find it comforting to think of Mother Teresa when I feel this way -- she dealt with this for longer than most, and kept on going, trying, loving. A good example for all of us.