Sunday, September 4, 2016

Modern Art

I am a member of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  I had not been to the newly refurbished and expanded museum since April.  Today I went to see it.  I decided to do only two floors, slowly.  Come back another day to see other floors of art.  Some of the art made no sense to me.  Some I liked very much.  The important thing is not to judge.  My mind wanted to say, "This a 4 year old could do with crayons."  I let it pass.  I enjoy what attracts me and move on from what does not.  There is all kinds of Modern Art.  There are all sorts of prayer forms.  Some attract me and some do not.  I gravitate to that prayer which seems to call to me.  In my work I meet all kinds of people who are sold on their prayer forms.  They seem to wonder why everyone is not similarly attracted.  Some prayer is a good fit for me and some is not.  Life is short.  Enjoy the Art and Prayer that is a good fit for you, regardless of how others praise what does not attract you.  Just don't judge.  It separates us.  Prayer is to unite us.

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