Saturday, September 24, 2016


I hear people say that they are "on a spiritual path."  To be on any path requires feet, or if no feet, then a chair that moves.  Spiritual journeys begin with feet.  I have to move to my place of prayer, away from unnecessary noise and commotion.  If I gather with others to talk/share about things spiritual, I have to go to meet them somewhere.  I don't Skype such groups.  Inertia leads to inertia and cheap talk about growth without doing anything.  At some point I may not be able to move anymore. Unless I am a hermit,  I hope that the feet of others comes to me.  Hmmm.  Maybe there is someone out there who needs my feet to move towards them?  

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  1. A friend and I will be directing our feet towards Old St Mary's in San Francisco (on Oct 29th) to meditate with you & to hear you present on Sts Albert the Great & Thomas Aquinas. (And thanks a lot for your blog. I find it to be good food for thought.)