Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Coming Home

There is a Hebrew word that is translated, "Salvation" in the King James Bible.  But that Hebrew word has another meaning, "Coming home."  Hebrew words don't have vowels, so whatever vowels you add will decide what the word is supposed to mean.  Way back when, it had the meaning of coming home.  I like that.  I had been looking for a physical place as the "home."  I use to go home to my parents.  Rectories where I "am assigned" is not what I would call home.  It is a place I live for a while, but no one calls home a place where you are "assigned" for a while well you do some work.  I can come home to God in the present moment and I can come home to my "tribe" who are people like me in their problems, honesty and spiritual solutions.  I find them in every city where I go.  When I find my tribe I feel saved, at least from my wacky self.  No one can save themselves.  I tried that solution too.

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