Friday, September 9, 2016

Meant To Be Here

I think that God wants me in Boulder.  I was having trouble getting my boarding pass on computer to return here last Wednesday, September 7.  Then I tried on my cell phone and still could not get it sent to email.  I called Customer Service.  The rep asked me for the reservation confirmation code.  I gave it to her along with my name.  She tried to send me an email so I could print out my boarding pass.  Nothing came through.  Then she tried to send me a text, twice, so I could show the boarding pass on my cell phone at the airport.  Nothing cam through.  Then, while we were talking about junk mail and my server, a text suddenly showed up on the phone.  I had a boarding pass for my flight on September 7.  I went to the airport on that day and showed the boarding pass on my cell phone screen.  Flew to Boulder.  Wonderful.  Later that afternoon, I was about to throw away the reservation sheet I keep until after a flight is concluded.  That is when I noticed that my reservation was for August 31 and not for September 7, same plane, time, airport.  The plane had 75 empty seats.  I had missed my flight by a week.  Only the computer seemed to know.  The customer service rep overrode it?  Tell me God does not want me in Boulder!  Guess I am home.


  1. God is not alone in this! Lots of us are really happy you're back.