Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Good News

Now I know why the Gospel does not get passed on very well or very quickly.  It is Good News.  Good News is not gossip.  Good News travels slowly.  Bead new travels like lightening.  If the word came out that "Peter was having an affair" in the early church, it would have rocketed through the Roman Empire.  Mother Teresa, our newest saint, worked for twenty years in India in obscurity, doing the same things for which she became famous when Malcolm Muggeridge did a story on her.  Some blogs ago I said that Boulder did not feel like home.  That news went everywhere, and quickly.  Along with it were reasons given by the messengers for such a situation in my life.  First, it is not bad news.  My rectory life is fine and the priests are quite friendly and helpful.  We pray together.  We have the same cook for the last several years.  So not to worry.  I simply do not do well with change, if anything.  The new priests want to do most of the masses so that they will get known, and get to know the people.  I simply fill in when someone might be away.  All is good.  Now I bet this news will move at a snails pace.  My reputation for being a good teacher does not seem to get around much.  I thought maybe people hated my teaching.  Now it is possible that my teaching is good news, so few people bother to pass it on.

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