Monday, January 16, 2017

Bad Thoughts

Why bother entertaining bad thoughts?  You are generally powerless to change the situation about which you are so glum.  We approach insanity when we keep revisiting these same thoughts with the idea that something will change.  Why not choose thoughts that inspire good feelings, such as peacefulness?  To get the day started in a positive, sane direction, why not begin, as soon as you awake, with thoughts of gratitude.  We are often surprised at how many things might fit on this list.  One or two would be a start.  I begin with being alive, a roof over my head, and the opportunity to be of some use in my day.  Even if my night's sleep was fitful and yucky, it is over and I cannot change it.  I don't dwell on what is done and beyond my control.  Gratitude can be a New Year Resolution.


  1. Yes, but the beginning of the days is a very brief period prior to when things start going down hill and picking up speed.

  2. Good advice. Excessive guilt brings on bad thoughts on a slippery slope into Depression and even Suicidality. Less scrupulosity, less self-navel gazing, more positive attitude...'Let it go...'
    The Sacrament of Reconciliation (as opposed of Penance) brings vitality to spirituality!