Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Soon my baby sister, Janie, will retire.  I liked her working because I liked to spend her money.  She made the big bucks.  "Let's go out to dinner, to the theatre," I would say.  I, of course, am a poor mendicant preacher.  But now Janie will be on a budget, which limits what we can do with her money.  I used to have a rubber dollar bill that I put on the bar at the beginning of an evening of drinking.  At the end of the evening, the rubber dollar would bounce back up into my hand as I left the bar.  I benefited from friends trying to buy their way out of purgatory by buying me drinks.  But all this is over now and retirement further limits my options with my newly poor sister.  But isn't it nice that God does not have a budget for love?  I am not a liability  in God's love budget, getting just so much and no more, or being a drain on God's limited love and acceptance.  God sees us as assets not liabilities.  God is always positive about what we can become.  God's love knows no bounds nor ever retires.  I wonder if God can get Jane and I two tickets to "Hamilton?"

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