Sunday, January 8, 2017

Intimacy Dysfunction

This one is just for alcoholics and people with other addictions.  There will be another blog for the non-addicted, to follow in a few minutes.  Someone referred to Alcoholism as intimacy dysfunction.  I like this.  You think you are done with alcohol, but if you are having a stretch of intimacy dysfunction you are not yet done with the "ism" in alcoholism.  There are various ways to act like a jerk in this intimacy thing.  You find yourself not listening to another person, but thinking about you or wandering off in your mind, or feeling bored because you are not getting something you want at the moment with or without this person.  OR, you talk endlessly about you and your troubles, simply another way to be all about yourself with no room for another person.  OR you fail to ask a person about themselves, but should you stumble onto this question, you too soon interrupt to talk about you as you think relates to the same topic.  OR people actually invite you to do something, but you say no, because in truth you prefer isolation to actually putting yourself out there for someone else.  OR, you think that you don't need a meeting because, well, you don't want a drink at the moment.  That will change.  How do I know any of this to be so?  Mea culpa.

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  1. 1) ?Confession with experiential Insight?
    2) I have always wonder about the observed behavior of a solitary tavern/bar habitue slowly imbibing w/o conversation, even when the bartender tried small talk. Not interested in TV programs nearby. No human connection w/ nearby drinkers.