Monday, January 9, 2017

Love And Football

Today is the National College Football Championship game.  It begins here at 6:00PM.  My friend Dan is a big sports fan.  I figured that he would be home in front of his huge TV screen to watch the game.  NO!  Today is his 24th wedding anniversary of being married to Rhonda, his wife.  They are going out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary and taking thier daughter, a gift of their union, with them.  Wow.  This is love.  You give up something for love of someone precious in your life.  You give up the National Championship Game for your wife!  You let go, surrender, detach and you receive so much more.  We all need to be reminded of this.  Many people want love as long as they get all they want and give up nothing.  This is not love, but a self-centered way of life.  I will be watching the game tonight and may have my cell phone on silent.  Maybe there is a TV in the restaurant?


  1. Great reminder:let go, surrender and detach...daily.

  2. Love of another person of Affection may sometimes need to Compromise to Football, at least for a few hours!
    With a few Hail Mary's [petitions], it was memorable to see the Clemson Tigers bested Alabama 35-31 in a 2-yard throw w/ even one second left! Amazing!

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