Friday, January 27, 2017

Mad As A Hatter

In "Alice In Wonderland" there was a fellow called the Mad Hatter.  Why?  Well, he wore a hat remember.  People who made hats were called "hatters."  The hats were made of animal pelts.  In order to keep the animal pelts fresh, mercury was applied.  Now being exposed to a lot of mercury in making the hats, brought about symptoms of insanity.  Thus you have people called, "Mad as a hatter."  Of course, you don't have to be a hat maker or work with mercury to be insane.  I have friends who have found many other ways to insanity.  I value such people because they have also found a way out of insanity on a daily basis.  Who helps you to stay sane on a daily basis?  False pride says you don't need anyone to help you since you are always sane in action and attitude.  If so, you certainly don't need this blog.  Am I actually helping you stay sane today?  One can only hope.

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