Friday, January 6, 2017

Meditation Or Me

Why do alcoholics have so much trouble with meditation yet seem to be attracted to it?  My thoughts might be helpful to many people outside of addiction.  What is it that alcoholics spend most of their time doing? No not drinking.  Most of their time is spent thinking about themselves or things as they pertain to themselves.  What is it that one must do to meditate? Forget self, or detachment from thinking about self.  That is why mediation is hard for recovering or drinking people.  But they are at the same time attracted to meditation.  Why?  Because when they do slip miraculously into meditation, they are detached from thinking about self, and they feel so good.  You may have the same problem and you don't even drink much, or at all.  Attraction to self is the opposite of meditation.  The good news is that they are so closely connected.  One side is self/self-centeredness, and the other side is meditation.  Try meditating while thinking all about you and your world and how everyone and everything in your world needs to shape up for things to be "good."  Having a restful, spiritual experience?  Me neither.  Maybe that is why there are ten steps before the meditation step in AA.  Most spiritual guides counsel a few steps before you are invited into meditation a a prayer.

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