Sunday, January 8, 2017


I was vacuuming our two story office, because no one cleans the offices in the  parish center.  I decided that with a new year, I would get my office ship shape.  Then I vacuumed two other offices and some stairs and hall.  Suddenly, a thirteen year old girl, who was sitting in one of the offices with her Mom, who was crunching some numbers for us, asked, "Fr. Terry can I help you?"  OMG, I was experiencing a paradigm shift!  In my many years of experience in ministry, never has a thirteen year old girl offered to vacuum.  My sisters would run the other way, fane illness, a broken arm, polio, whatever, to not vacuum.  It is not something that any one of us get up in the morning and say, "I think I will vacuum the church offices today!"  Lindsey is my example of a saint.  Saints are extraordinary people, doing ordinary things that no one else wants to do.  I still have trouble getting myself to do the ordinary things no one else wants to do, and not whine.  Saints don't whine.  Oh, we have an opening for anyone who wants to vacuum AND dust.  Super-Saint!

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