Friday, January 20, 2017

Peter's Mother In Law

Peter's Mother-In-Law teaches me a lot.  In the first chapter of Mark's Gospel, she is the first person, besides Jesus to do any action.  The men not so much.  She is sick with a fever.  Jesus heals her.  She gets up.  Does she say, "I will go into the streets to begin a ministry." or "I will now do some bible sturdy," or "Now I will meditate."  No.  She gets up and does what is in front of her.  Hungry, and helpless men.  She feeds them.  Peter and his friends, including Jesus, are bringing their travel dust into her home.  She is the boss in her home.  She sets the tone for allowable mess. The Gospel says that when evening came, people came to the door with the sick and possessed.  Jesus met them at the door.  He may be God, but he is not going to mess up her home with more street dust.  Today, I did not meditate or spend time with the Bible.  I did what is in front of me.  It is cleaning day.  I changed my bedding and towels, put the dirties into the wash and then I cleaned the bathroom.  Like this woman I did what is in front of me, instead of multiplying tasks, even good deed tasks.  So many of us avoid what is in front of us to do some "outside" stuff, that really just feeds our ego and self-importance.  Cleaning can be rewarding and humbling, and I did it with joy rather than resentment.  Where was Peter's wife?  I have to work on that.

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  1. I dont know if I agree with this today. It seems like today requires a a lot of attention to 'outside stuff.'