Thursday, January 19, 2017

Saying "Yes"

Someone recently asked me for some help in trying to escape his insane life.  My first thought was, "Go away.  This will eat up my time for doing things I want to do."  I have learned that when people ask for help and I think "no" it is really my desire to isolate.  I did not say my first thought, "No."  Instead, I said "Yes," before I could come up with some acceptable excuse.  In my case, yes is the right answer.  So I took out some "valuable personal time" to meet with this person and be of help.  The result?  For him, I am not so sure.  My advice/suggestions require him to take action.  I cannot force action.  But for me, the yes made for a very good and sane day.  I think I became saner!  Maybe this person was a gift from the Presence, the Spirit, to me, to help heal me.  This fellow knew he needed help.  Sometimes, I am not so aware of my own need for Grace!

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  1. Great example of confronting dilemma and executing Matthew 25 in real life and real time....Thks