Sunday, January 15, 2017

Signs Of Omission

I remember hearing about "sins of omission."  This is good stuff that we could have done but did not do.  I think that the mode of living in which sins of omission occur is isolation.   In solitude we simply step away from the active world to connect with ourselves/God in healthy and invigorating ways, to prepare for positive action.  Isolation is when we put up walls, are out of touch with a spiritual side, and are too self-imploded to be of much use to anyone else.  There are many days or moments when I have to ask myself, "Am I in isolation or solitude?" Isolation has no prayer to it.  Isolation is somewhat indifferent to the world around me.  Sometimes I fool even me by saying, "I am too busy, or too overworked."  I find that when I have sufficient solitude, being too busy never seems to come up.  By stepping away from saving all humanity, fixing everything, I enter into quiet prayer that seems to refresh and energize me when I am done.  If I am not sure about which mode I might be in, I go to a meeting of friends where I might be of use.  Works every time.

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