Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Real

Lots of people who do 12th step recovery work get all hung up on the word "god."  We all have our histories with this word, and some of that history is dysfunctional.  So why not drop the word god and try the word "Real."  When you are trying to mediate, stop focusing on your thoughts.  There are methods to do this.  You may continue to have thoughts but you need not focus on them.  Why the word "real?"  Well, most of your thoughts are real thoughts but not about real things in the here and now.  You have resentment thoughts about things are NOT happening now.  Events may have happened in the past, but you are resentful in the present as if the event is current.  Or you are escaping into fantasy thoughts which of course by their very nature are not real.  They are fantasies.  so if you stop clinging to such thoughts you might begin to have some space for real things.  "The Real" may now have a chance to reveal itself.  By not paying attention to my monkey mind I have found that something else at times comes into my presence or maybe I finally come into the present moment.  This is "The Real" or "the real" and it is where spiritual growth can happen.  The really real is a loving look at me just as I am.

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