Thursday, January 5, 2017

Your Story

One of the differences between an alcoholic who is still drinking and one who is into recovery, is that the former is still working on their story and the latter is done, at least for the moment.  The "story" is the episodes and results of the insanity of drinking.  The longer you drink, the longer the story, though much of it is repeated, as you spiral downward.  Only the dates change.  The recovering alcoholic has finished their drinking story and are now into a new story of a better life.  I think of this in all of my various endeavors.  Where there is bad behavior, I want that story to end.  I want it to be something of the past and not present behavior.  Each morning I ask myself in meditation, "What story am I going to write today?"  More bad behavior episodes rooted in faults and character defects or some new behavior or maybe ongoing spiritual centered behavior?  Usually it is a mix.  Maybe that is why I am all mixed up?  Oh, I forgot.  Gina tells me not to put myself down.  That would be bad behavior.

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