Monday, January 2, 2017


I was invited to a young couple home for dinner.  They have an eight month old baby.  At one point, Kyle took the baby and put her on his lap.  She looked so contented to just be held by Dad.  Then Kyle said that when he got up early in the morning with the baby, that was their time together, instead of his going off to work out.  Thus, the baby is feeling content with Dad.  What a metaphor for prayer.  Get up early in the morning and put the God relationship first.  God is awake, and wants to be held by you like a baby.  Is that not part of what the Incarnation is all about, God being a baby?  On the other hand, in prayer we are also being held by God, like a parent embraces its child. This early morning prayer can help us feel safe and contented as the day goes along, knowing we are in God's embrace.  But I like "God as the baby" image.  I like the thought of God needing me.  I am never nobody, nor are you.


  1. What a beautiful post and reminder. I will always treasure this. Thank you