Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Individual Interest

One of the precious and often unappreciative aspects of our country is the freedom to choose a religious interest.  It was a hard won freedom.  Even our original settlers, who were escaping religious persecution in Europe, once they came here and got power, wanted everyone to believe as they did.  Bad habits about culture and religion are hard to overcome.  Even today we see people in war torn places who fight over religion.  Terrorists are about everyone being the same, whatever that may be.  Within a religion there are often rules that talk about punishment if you do not conform to a way of being part of that religion.  Sunday worship or burn is one of them.  I don't believe that anyone comes to faith or practice without the courtesy of letting them choose.  We can show a path, more by attraction than promotion, but we get only lukewarm followers when they are coerced in some way.  God is Love.  You cannot coerce that.

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  1. Perhaps another existential possibility is Spirituality w/o institutionalized religion?