Saturday, January 21, 2017

Without Mask

I use to think that if people really knew me, my faults, shortcomings, interior darkness, insane thinking, they would not like me.  But only the Catholic parishioners and Catholic school teachers would not like me. They put us clerics on a pedestal.  But I have found that when I tell non-Church people who I am, they like me more!  Why?  Some people seem to benefit from hearing truth to which they can connect.  A lot of us seem to have problems.  I wonder if all those holy Catholic school teachers are imperfect like me?  I would like them even better if they were less perfect.  It is trying for me to be with perfect people.  I wonder if the nuns who taught me, were not as holy as the movies made them?  Catholic schools seem to have a "Perfection Quotient" and I would bring it down by my presence.  I would get C to F grade for perfection depending on any given day.  I hang out with sinners.  Come to think of it a couple of these school teachers do know me and still like my blogs.  Guess these teachers have to come off my pedestal.  

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