Friday, January 13, 2017


Are you physically healthy, and can walk without assistance?  Here is a good deed or service you can perform almost every day.  I got this idea from someone.  Far be it from me to think it up.  Here is the good deed: don't park your car as close to the place you are going as you can.  Why?  There may be elderly people with canes and walkers who could use that convenient place in front of the store, theatre, park, meeting.  I tend to thank the "parking gods" when I find a convenient parking space.  This is all about focus on me who can still jog and walk fine.  The everyday and the ordinary is a way to live out our best self, rather than the occasional good deed that goes recognized.

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  1. My New Year's resolution is to shed waistline from Holiday feasting by walking more: your practical guidance here just killed two birds [?2-fers] w/ one stone. Thks.