Thursday, January 12, 2017

Muchness And Manyness

I like his one from, "A Testament Of Devotion" by Thomas Kelly.  How often do our lives get caught up in "muchness and manyness," the over scheduled world in which we put ourselves?  Rather than cut down on the "much and the many," we tend to get resentful, blame others, judge others, but still try to get everything done.  When we fail, which is often, we tend to feel guilty and judge ourselves as inadequate.  We will try harder tomorrow.  Rather than wait for a miracle to stop this pace of life, maybe change the label on the list from "Must Do, Really Important," to "Muchness and Manyness."  If there is a God, there is only one of those, and you are not it.  We will all die with books unread and things not done.


  1. Wow I really needed to hear this today. Thank you for sharing. As a new -working- mom my list is never-ending and I am so hard on myself. I hate that I allow all of the many bright spots in my life to be overshadowed by my false feelings of fear and inadequacy.

  2. Im not God was the theme last year. Today not as much but still speak to a guy that says, "If Gods in charge, then Gods in charge". To which I definitely agree with but have to be aware of my resting of laurels(passive aggression/cynicism) and counter with action. I can see it now better and grateful for the awareness because I can take action