Sunday, January 22, 2017

Blocking And Tackling

In Buddhism it is called, "Chop wood and carry water."  This is equivalent in football to "blocking and tackling."  Do the basics on a regular basis if you want to be at your best.  The occasional good action is just that, occasional.  In football, no one can run with the ball to score or pass to someone who catches it and scores unless everyone else on the team is blocking.  For the other side, the defense, they have to be tackling.  Over and over in the game blocking and tackling is going on.  A fan who watches the game looks for the spectacular.  The spectacular happens occasionally, if the unsung others are blocking and tackling.  To have a good day, I try to do my blocking and tackling, my chopping wood and carrying water.  No one will notice that I continue to do what is in front of me, that needs to be done.  I can recollect that God is with me, that God is active in my life in an unspectacular fashion.  Spiritual practice that is steady very well goes unnoticed by people around us.  To cease the practice is to have no wood for the fire and no water to drink.  I need to warm and hydrate my soul.

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  1. Well said father from a former college football coach. You hit it