Monday, January 23, 2017


When I label someone I narrow them.  If my label is negative then I fail to recognize the wider aspects or fullness of a person.  Someone may in fact be "illegal," or "a minority" and in my worst moments some people are "worthless."  These are people who upset my plans of how things are supposed to go.  Some labels may be facts but a person is more than a fact.  Until I get to encounter the person and open myself to listening, or being with, I won't get beyond my labels.  Tribal groups of religious believers may call themselves "saved" but that does not express all parts of such persons.  I tend to look for attributes, good habits and attitudes in others that more define their innards.  One is kind, loving, compassionate, responsive, generous, full of gratitude and can listen.  Whether they are Conservative, Liberal, Reformed, Orthodox, Eastern or Western seems to me to be secondary and only leads to separation and judgment.

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  1. There are also the practicing non-Christian, inter-faith religious persons of other on and so forth....