Thursday, October 24, 2013

Adult Ed

Most Adult Education in parishes, if there is any at all, is really propaganda for one particular view.  An answer is given, with or without any question being asked.  The answer is made to sound like a dogma that has only one answer, when in fact the so-called answer given is really an opinion or at best, one answer among several on the same issue.  A truly educated or searching adult knows this from studying our American Civil War.  Or was it the war between the states, or the war of Yankee Aggression.  In South Carolina, they say they decided to become separate nation, so you cannot call it a war between the states.  Lots of debates and differences of opinions on this tragic event in our history.  On a lighter note, you could argue who is the best quarterback in pro football.  There are lots of heated opinions here too.  Of course, there is only one answer, Peyton Manning.  Just sayin'

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  1. Sorry, Terry, where are your San Francisco roots? Joe Montana, bro.