Thursday, October 17, 2013


When an addict finally wants to work the steps, it is good to say that the Higher Power is not the addict.  Most of us have been brought up with this dualistic thinking that I am not God.  True is one way.  Addicts have big egos and such people get delusional about power.  They cannot recover alone.  BUT after some time, maybe a lot of time, and they get into meditation, and some into deep meditation beyond thoughts and words, they may come to  the mystical discovery.  They are one with the Higher Power.  All mystics will tell you this.  Christian ones too will experience this.  You come to a discovery, experience of Oneness.  You are one not only with God but with all the universe, to include all the people around you.  Mystics don't judge.  They experience more a sense of union than separation.  Jesus said that "The Father and I are One."  It is called by different names in different spiritual paths, but it definitely is in my church, though few get to hear about it much less learn how to practice deep meditation.  Some never experience it.  Good News, God loves you anyway and is one with you even if you think God is some place else.

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