Saturday, October 12, 2013

Born Wrong

Some say that one is born an alcoholic and discovers it as they grow up and drink too much.  In this thinking, it is not something you develop by a lot of bad choices.  It is not developmental.  It is in your DNA.  Recovery programs, the 12 Steps, are so that you can  become all that God made you to be, without drinking anymore.  You don't stop being an alcoholic.  You realize that this alcoholism has now given you a way to become all that God called you to be.  You become a better person through the working of the 12 steps and then help others to work the steps.  You would never have discovered the program, this way of growth, had you not been an alcoholic.  Alcoholism is a cross, and you take up your cross each day.  In this sense it is the Way, the Gate to a fuller life.  The 12 steps are Gift.  Sad that so few discover this.  

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  1. Fr Terry you are on a roll lately - great food for thought!