Monday, October 28, 2013

Third World Spirituality

A Third World Spirituality is one where you pray to Mary, Jesus, or your favorite saints to solve your problems.  Then you do nothing but wait for divine help.  Lots of prayer here, but not much individual action, for whatever reasons, and there may be many.  A First World Spirituality might pray to Jesus, Mary and saints, but then people try to make things happen through some initiative.  Less prayer, but more get up and go.  I heard it depends on whether or not your country started as a monarchy, or as republic/democracy.  Monarchy has the attitude that the King/Queen will provide.  That is their job.  Now there  seems to be a third spirituality.  You say your prayers asking the heavenly powers to now have the government solve your problems.  Then you go and vote, maybe.  What they all seem to share is consumerism.  Even the street people are loaded down with stuff.  Spirituality seems to have a tough time with "more," not more prayer, but more stuff.  I wonder if fear is behind it all?  A spirituality that does not address our fears is not very transforming.  

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