Friday, October 4, 2013

Celibacy In The Vatican

Did the Borgia pope practice celibacy? No.  Was it on the books? Yes.  He had mistresses and children from them.  So what's up?  In any age and time, there are rules that are more or less ignored.  They become a focus due to historical circumstances and maybe God's grace.  In 1500, the Pope's Christianity was the only one around.  Dissenters were, well, eliminated more or less.  Then came Henry VIII and Martin Luther.  Competition.  The Church decided it had better shape up in the papal celibacy stuff.  The rule did not change.  What changed is our focus on it and the demands we made for its keeping.  So it is today.  Pope Francis wants to put on the back burner our focus on certain sex issues.  The rule does not change.  But the focus does.  He wants more emphasis on caring for the flock, especially the poor, or as he says, "smelling like your sheep."  In this case, the ones who who have to change are the hierarchy and the rich.  They do not like this.

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