Thursday, October 10, 2013


Someone said that our faith is being eroded because we are becoming absorbed into the secular mainstream.  I don't think this is quite the reason.  Jesus has a wonderful message.  We just don't know how to "sell" it, as advertisers might say.  We could learn something from this secular world if we were up to listening.  They decide how to match their product with the desires, wants, needs of the public.  Well, we have a wonderful message already on the books that would satisfy the deepest needs of people.  The Book of the Bible as it reflects Jesus is about forgiveness, acceptance, love, mercy, joy, and then a challenge to let grace change our lives.  Who would reject this?  But what we "sell" or promote is judgment, rules, narrow view of history, control, and authority.  Only the very frightened want any of that.

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