Saturday, October 5, 2013


There is a difference between career and ministry.  When one thinks of career it is in terms of doing something and then getting promoted to get more of something, such as power, money, larger office, and so on.  You do good work, or what work you see as advancing your status.  Ministry, on the other hand, is usually more of a servant work.  You serve others, not to advance yourself, but rather simply to be of service in the kingdom of God.  Grace moves you to keep going.  The relationship with God and the People of God is its own reward.  You live amidst the people.  You share their lives.  If you look at the bishop tract over the last 35 years or so, you will see in their advancement up the ladder, very little work amidst the people.  They do little parish work.  They go to school for advanced church law or other degrees and then work in central offices or seminaries.  They don't learn to listen or interact with the "people below."  It is called, "not taking incoming phone calls."


  1. Fr. Terry, Why are you a Catholic Priest, if your against everything the Catholic church teaches? This blog is hurting the faith of everyone that reads it. Your damaging the church.

    1. Jesus . . .
      You have to keep listening to Fr. Terry to learn. Remember to watch your mouth or the garbage man will come take it away.
      Auntie Elizabeth

  2. Father Terry, Thank you for giving voice to the concerns of so many Catholics. You are NOT hurting the faith of everyone who reads it but giving us things to think about. You are listening to our concerns and questions about our faith and showing us that we can question and still love the Lord!

  3. #1: I can tell His first language is Aramaic rather than English.

    #2: It seems Father Terry is always praying for humility, but I'm not sure he was expecting such a direct answer!

    #3 But seriously, this is a great blog. I'm just about the opposite of religious and I grew up without it, but I read this pretty consistently--I think that's a pretty big compliment. I love the daily thoughts on containing pride and selfishness, and they're much more meaningful coming from a real person in real time. It always sets a good tone for the day. Thanks for the effort.

    #4 I ain't the grammar police, and I make those mistakes when I'm in a hurry. It just made me chuckle.

  4. Good comments and thoughts to share.