Friday, October 25, 2013


I went for an early Sunday morning run in town.  The streets were all clear.  Coming back to church at what I thought was the end of my run, I came upon the Nike Women's Marathon.  A river of 30,000 women in shorts and tank tops were surging down the street I had to cross.  I stood on the corner hoping the runners would thin out or slow down and I could weave my way across the street.  No chance, and I had the early morning mass.  So I decided to jump into the marathon and run with the women, while trying to weave my way across the wide street.  Now I am in the race, surrounded by young fit women.  I think, "Lord, help me to get across the street."  I looked around.  "Well Lord, maybe mass can be a little late this morning," I added.  San Francisco is a fun town.  But as my sister Maureen used to say, "You will burn."

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  1. Well Terry, "You can run but you cannot hide!"