Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I bought a stock during the recession.  I did not buy much and it cost $17/share.  It is a well known company.  I bought when everything was going badly in the economy.  A time to run and hide? Put money under the mattress?  I invested.  Today, 5 years later, that stock is worth $49/share.  Plus, I get dividends.  I did not see myself as gambling, or taking a flyer those 5 years ago.  I believed in the company and our economy.  Things looked bad, but there was potential.  In business, when things are going badly, they change or go out of business.  Today, my church is not doing so well.  Many people are divesting themselves of religion in general and my church in particular.  But I am investing myself.  In spite of the bishop of bling and other such leaders, I believe we can learn and will learn when we are down.  The church changes when it has to in order to survive and do what it was meant to do.  Much good comes from investing when something looks hopeless.  AA invested in drunks when no one else would.  Jesus invested in a dozen losers.  Ya gotta believe.


  1. How about a priest who speaks to a gathering where there are many young non-Catholics and spends most of the time saying how Satan is waiting to get you at a weak moment.
    Hard to say what kind of investment he was making.

    1. I was there at that service...
      It made me sick
      What a waste of a missed opportunity to show love to a very hurting and searching group of young adults!
      Apart from the priest and what he said
      It was a very beautiful service for a very wonderful loving family

    2. I guess we are being tested. I believe.

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