Saturday, October 19, 2013


It seems that my body is made up of energy tightly compacted.  We call this compacted energy "Matter."  It is really energy manifested in a particular way.  There is no matter to matter.  Confused?  Maybe I can show where this might go spiritually.  If I am energy, and the universe is energy manifested in various shapes and sizes, such as stars and cosmic dust, then when I die, my energy goes back into the universe energy pool.  It might have a memory of being me, Terry Ryan.  What is the difference between this way of seeing death, and what I was taught growing up?  Ego, that is the difference.  Unless we are mystics, we cannot conceive of the ego dying, as in no longer existing.  Ego focused people see death as the body dying, rotting, but "ME" goes on to see God.  I am now spirit or soul.  God is other than the me that goes to see God in heaven, a place for good souls.  Most of us in organized religion think in this ego fashion.  Mystics do not.  They see God as manifesting God's self in the cosmos, energy.  The universe is God made visible if you will.  We go back to God from who we came.  Actually, we never were separate from God.  The ego just thinks in terms of separation.  The mystic thinks in terms of Oneness.  Either view, the ego one, or the mystic one is orthodox.  No heresy to worry about.  But one view is medieval.  Guess which one it is.


  1. All is one - now and forever. Perfect grace!!

    1. What about church teaching of "I believe in the resurrection of the body?"
      Don't we say that as part of the Creedbelief every Mass?

  2. Resurrection of the Body fits an earlier mind set. It is dogma based upon a limited knowledge of reality. Tell me how a body that is ashes and dust in the ground rises up as the body of old?

  3. Is my concept of Heaven then just a manifestation of my ego? My faith sort of consoled me into believing that I'd see GrandPa again in the next life. And what was Jesus referring to whrn he spoke of Paradise and the Kingdom of Heaven?

  4. I believe that my concept of Heaven is a manifestation of my Ego.. Then... I believe there's a whole lot more! Father Terry, you're opening a can full of worms! I love Catholicism but I believe there's more to it all... and I want to think about those possibilities too!

  5. If my body is energy matter, then when my soul is finished using this body, it will be resurrected into life everlasting - is can never be used up. Actually, in thinking about it, my actual body is constantly changing and being resurrected. The body I have today isn't the body I had when I was 5 or 21 or 40. Not only is the physical form different, but the real energy/matter is different. God has taken that matter and changed it and rearranged it, but it still exists, just maybe not in me. So, I am probably connected to all in many more ways than I thought. Next to consider, where does the boundry of me and other stop and start?