Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finding Dr. Who

I come to realize that it is easier to find God than to find a doctor who will make an appointment with me.  I can sit in prayer in make my appointment with God.  But a doctor has lots of barriers.  I call a number and then listen to a lengthly explanation of choices, and maybe none of them seem to apply.  So I guess, and someone finally answers the phone.  This is the person who has a myriad of ways to not make an appointment.  One sent me to the scheduling department who had a message saying they would call me back.  Still waiting.  Another person, another doctor's phone answerer, sent me to billing to see if I had insurance they liked.  And the reason I am looking at all is because my doctor went into the hospice business, and I hope not to have to deal with her for a long time!  It seems that God is more interested in the health of my soul than the medical world is interested in the health of my body.  Someone said that God is the Divine Physician.  I find comfort in that.


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    1. Hmmm .... not necessarily! An elderly friend who needs a hip replacement ASAP called (as has her daughter) numerous times to get an appointment with Kaiser. FINALLY, after 3 weeks, someone called back and said, "Well, I think we can schedule that surgery sometime in January . . . "

  2. Kaiser has an app for that. But seriously, within Kaiser you can have a personal doc - just like other plans. That doc is part of your keys to the kingdom of health. Another key is Member Services - when all else fails, call member services and they help pave the way to quick service. Me personally, I find that I can get an appointment almost too fast - they are usually offering me appointments quicker than my drive time to the clinic - and 99% of the time it's with my doc.