Thursday, October 3, 2013

Moral Truth 2

There is another school of moral teaching that can be call "Historical."  It looks at history and says that some things change.  It also says that a moral action must take into consideration the circumstances/situation of the person.  The person counts.  Their conscience is functional rather than profoundly flawed by sin.  This approach sees the church not as the hierarchy, but as the People of God.  The Holy Spirit works through the whole church and not just the ordained.  Sex issues would be lightening rods here.  Is birth control everywhere and always wrong?  The neo-manualists (see yesterdays blog) would say yes.  There is an absolute/always/everywhere truth when it comes to sex.  The historical moralist would say, "It depends." This latter demands that you grow up, develop a conscience that works with God's grace, which means you practice the virtuous life.  It also means that the couple work together, share and cooperate.  In the former model, the husband could demand sex (the wife renders the debt), so long as no birth control is used.  


  1. Growing up in the fifties, a family had five or six or more kids. Now Catholic families average two children, just look at the catholic school in our parish. Couples were separated from the church over this issue; hypocrisy, guilt, family pressures etc. Some felt like they were no longer welcomed in their own church and they never came back...Sad but we forget not to judge...We like to judge others. Maybe we are the hypocrites that Jesus spoke of?

  2. This blog is a bunch of anti-catholic teachings! Someone needs to report this blog to the Archdiocese. This kind of stuff is what is tearing the Catholic church apart and leaving Catholics confused! Blogs like this are destroying authentic Catholic teachings. Watch out for SHEPHERDS who scatter the sheep!!!

  3. I don't agree with "Jesus"!