Friday, October 11, 2013

The Natural, The Norm

Is the norm biological or teleological?  Is it a given, or is it the end to which we are called to develop.  The hierarchy of my church says that the norm is biological, that is, a heterosexual is the norm.  Therefore, the homosexual is "ab-normal."  It is unnatural to be a homosexual, in this line of thinking.  But this is not the only way the ethicists think. Some say that the norm or natural growth is about the "ends" for which we are created. In this thinking, God made us to become all who we are, to develop our capacity for wholeness, or holiness, in a religious sense.  If you are a homosexual then you are to become all God meant you to be including your homosexuality.  You are not "wrongly" made.  Become all God called you to be and you contribute to the wholeness of society. The first way of looking at things is called natural law, but it is a coverup for predjudice.


  1. LOVE this post! Time for us all to come out from our "coverups"

  2. Yes, "Become all God called you to be..." seems like what any decent parent would wish for and convey to their children.