Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Separate But Equal

My experience of the phrase, "separate but equal," is another way of saying, "we don't want you in the club."  There were separate schools for people of race.  They were supposed to be equal.  They were not.  The rule was made by the ruling white people, because they did not want to mix with the dark skin people.  When people of religion say that women are separate but equal to men, it is another way of saying the men don't want the women in the club.  It is bad form, outside of fundamentalist religion, to say that women are not the equal of men.  Such talk bozos into the differences in physical muscles, though I don't see guys having babies.  I think that men have the instinct to realize they have traded a better/saner lifestyle for the sake of power.  Tell me a third world country, medieval in its thinking, health care, sanitation, education, etc. that is not dominated by men?  The men know that if women get power, things will change in all these areas yes, but the men will be left out.  Men don't want to learn, if it means they will give us control.  You might think of this, the next time you hear the discussion about women being equal but separate, in the ordination issue.

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  1. Fear dominates, although it will never be admitted by the guys in the "Club".